Remus for Audi S3 8Y

Give your brand new Audi S3 8Y Remus treatment and choose from axle-back with 4 tailpipes left and right, Silenced GPF-back system with 4 tailpipes left and right and Racing unsilenced GPF-back system with 4 tailpipes left and right.

Both systems are available to order now with a range of tailpipe designs to tailor the exhaust to your personal taste and car style. The tailpipe options include 102mm polished slash cut (0046 70SGR), 102mm polished inwardly rolled (0046 70SR), 98mm Black chrome with carbon insert (0046 98CBR), 102mm Carbon fibre with titanium internals (0046 70CSR) and 98mm Street Race brushed chrome with carbon insert (0046 98CR).

During the extensive R&D process on the Audi S3 8Y Remus recorded a power increase of 14.3 HP and 21.6 Nm with the Remus Racing GPF-back system installed.

All of this also comes with a weight saving of 5,8 kg!

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The Performance Company is now the official Null-bar importer and proud supplier to the UK trade. This enables us to expand our suspension offering with the addition of Bilstein Performance Air Ride, Bilstein UltraLOW coilovers, Gamechanger and more!

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Bilstein Performance Air Ride

With the Bilstein Performance Air Ride we offer a product of the highest quality. Based on individually adapted Bilstein dampers, an air suspension was developed for maximum driving pleasure. In combination with the air bellows from Universal-Air and Contitech, a balanced damper spring rate is guaranteed. The entire construction is designed for a long service life.

With the Bilstein Performance Air Ride, the focus is on the exclusive use of the best materials and workpieces.

  • Damper from Bilstein
  • Air bellows from Universal-Air and Contitech
  • All machined parts made of high quality aluminium and stainless steel

Bilstein technology partner

  • Over 60 years of experience in original equipment and more than 50 years of racing history make Bilstein products unique.
  • Numerous ‘Best Brand’ awards and successes in motorsport speak for themselves.
  • Every product is tested on the road for the ultimate Bilstein driving experience.
  • Depending on the vehicle, monotube or twin tube technology is used.

Bilstein UltraLOW

The UltraLOW | Bilstein inside coilover kit was developed for maximum lowering. By using the highest quality components and meticulously fine-tuning, a unique compromise between sporty driving behaviour and everyday comfort was achieved.

Innovation and high-tech in chassis technology – this is what Bilstein stands for with all the experience from over 60 years of serial replacement and 50 years in motorsport. The concentrated knowledge of the engineers flows into the first-class products.

  • 2-part spring system on the front and rear axles (depending on the vehicle). The two-part spring system with preload and main spring comes directly from racing and guarantees sufficient spring preload at all times for maximum driving safety.
  • Aluminium support bearings (depending on vehicle)
  • Uniball dome bearings are installed as standard in order to guarantee maximum driving precision and a long service life.
  • Adjustment range 60-140mm, depending on the vehicle and equipment
  • 100% made in Germany

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We also are able to supply the following brands alongside Null-bar. All are available to order now.

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