With our Supra build almost at the bodyshop stage we are taking the time to think about what changes to make.

What would you like to see us do?

Should we bring back neons or nitrous?! Full colour change? More carbon fibre?

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This month has seen the next stage of our A90 Supra project implemented!

The Supra is our 5th Liberty Walk demonstrator and with some incredible past builds we are now focused on building our greatest project car to date!

Thanks to Litchfield Motors and Forge Motorsport our Supra is running as good as 500BHP and has more than enough performance to match the aggressive styling that will follow shortly.

The next stage is to make a start on the cars stance and ensuring it sits as aggressively as possible.

The car is now fitted with our AirREX  adjustable strut kit and matched with a custom Airlift Performance 3P management.

We gave the legends at The Tuning Store complete free rein with a custom install. They provided us with an absolutely incredible engine-inspired, triple seamless air tank all controlled by the Airlift Performance 3P pressure management system.

As you can see, the car now sits perfectly with massively increased presence while still retaining OEM style comfort and handling.

We’d like to offer a special thank you to everyone at The Tuning Store for their assistance and incredible install!

The next stage is to begin the major cosmetic transformation with body shop legends – ColourKraft!




We recently took our Supra GR to our good friends at Litchfield Motors for their stage 2 tune and installation of some Forge Motorsport upgrades, including their huge chargecooler radiator and oil catch can.

The Litchfield technicians quickly had their uprated 4″ downpipe installed and partnered up with our Remus Racing axle-back system which was previously installed at Motech Performance. They then removed the GPF for maximum performance and sound before installing the Forge chargecooler radiator and oil catch can. These upgrades joined the previously installed Forge Motorsport strut braces and carbon fibre engine cover which were again installed by Motech Performance a couple of weeks before.

Once all of these parts were installed it was back for the Litchfield Motors Stage 2 ECU tune the next morning where the cars power was increased to 498 BHP and 501 lbft torque!

With all of this our Supra has been transformed! The car is absolutely incredible with more than enough power on-tap when you want it. It also has the sound to back up the performance and agressive styling that is planned when the Liberty Walk conversion is installed.

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