The Performance Company is proud to be named a Brembo Official Partner with the addition of the world famous Brembo UPGRADE program to our brand portfolio. Below is a summary of the range. Further information can be found on our website –

The three product lines to choose from in the Brembo UPGRADE Auto range – SPORT, GT and PISTA – guarantee a wide range of solutions that are able to meet the needs of all those who want to upgrade their own system for a sportier performance, improved safety or simply to give their own vehicle a unique, personal style.

The gateway to the Brembo UPGRADE world: reliable on the road, superior on the track. The products in the Brembo SPORT range– brake discs, pads and fluid – are ideal for enthusiasts who use their vehicles both for normal road use as well as high performance driving.​


The HP2000 brake pads guarantee consistent braking performance even under extreme conditions. With excellent cold performance & bite, high resistance to fade, friction stability throughout all operating conditions and low dust levels, the all new HP2000 friction material offers significant advantages over its rivals. Designed to be a direct replacement for the Original Equipment (OE) pads.


The Type3 slotting is the result of years of research and prototyping by the Brembo Racing Department and resembles the design of the discs used in the most important motorsports championships. This “slot” design has been widely used in most GT and endurance championships such as the 24 Hours of Le Mans and is currently used in the WTCR World Championship.

The most complete range of upgrade braking systems on the market Brembo Gran Turismo (GT) Systems provide excellent stopping power in everyday traffic, as well as superior high performance street and track driving. Whether you are looking to boost your car’s appearance or enhance the performance of the braking system, Brembo Upgrade has a solution. Designed and tested specifically for track day enthusiasts and for drivers who demand the utmost performance from their cars, these systems offer superlative performance and an authentic race ready look.


Straight derived from the most popular OE Brembo application the 2 pieces GT|A calipers combine easy installation and great performance.


Monobloc calipers that are specifically designed to offer high level performance both in normal road use as well as for the demanding days on the track, with a unique style given by Brembo’s exclusive geometries and design.


The latest expression of style and technology. BM calipers possess an all new design and aesthetic and further expand the technical capabilities of the Brembo GT Upgrade range.


Two piece floating discs reduce the unsprung weight and dissipate heat quickly. These discs are characterized by special drillings which combine the appealing aesthetic effect with brilliant performance and effective braking in all conditions.


The TY3 discs are characterized by an aggressive groove machining that offers high initial response with a smooth pedal feel. The discs come directly from Brembo’s top level racing division experience and offer improved pedal feel and modulation.


The highest performance technology available on the market. Based on the racing carbon carbon and the road car ceramic technology combined. The lightest solution ever engineered by Brembo now available in the Upgrade catalogue, combined with the floating disc’s anti noise hardware is the direct result of Brembo’s experience with brakes designed for the top racing competitions.


GT|R is the most advanced expression of Brembo’s experience in braking system design. The GT|R calipers are made with features only seen in the highest level racing calipers, but also engineered to remain reliable for road use. Monobloc 4 and 6 piston caliper bodies, machined from billet aluminium.

Developed for those who want to obtain the highest performance even in conditions of maximum grip and with a set of slick tires mounted on the wheels! The Brembo race systems employ characteristics such as a hard anodized body with full race features like a quick release for pad and lightweight 2 piece Brembo Racing discs with increased thermal capacity for use with friction materials in racing environments.

The first members of a new family of forged racing calipers that have been engineered to offer maximum track and race performance at reduced costs. These new calipers feature the appearance of a monobloc caliper with the cost advantages of a 2 piece forged body. Fixed tangential bridge with removable axial bridge bolts allows for maximal stiffness while allowing pad changes without removing caliper. The calipers are suitable for use with a wide range of disc sizes, and multiple pad shape options.

The new family is being introduced with the FF6 and the FF4 calipers, with other calipers are expected to follow in the near future, with the aim to offer a complete range dedicated to those needing to combine track performance with competitive prices.


The TY3 discs are characterized by an aggressive grooves machining that offers high initial response with a smooth pedal feel. The TY3 discs are the most used rotors in the professional racing level and offer high bite and good modulation.


The TY5 discs use the latest design of groove machining and offer a good compromise between bite and
modulation. The TY5 discs are used in the professional racing level and offer a perfect pedal feel.


The highest performance technology available on the market based on the racing carbon carbon and the road car ceramic technology combined. The lightest solution ever engineered by Brembo now available in the upgrade catalogue, combined with the floating disc’s anti noise hardware is the direct result of Brembo’s experience with brakes designed for the top racing competitions.

We are now able to offer Leib GPF/OPF delete kits for a few select BMW models. We are primarily offering these alongside our Remus exhaust systems but we are able to supply them separately for those with alternative exhaust systems. The Leib delete kits are designed a simple plug-in unit and does not require any vehicle mapping. Plug & Play installation takes about 60 minutes without cutting or soldering.

Perfco Performance is the evolution of years of knowledge in the automotive aftermarket industry. It is the product of years of experience and networking. Perfco Performance will become a leading range of exclusive premium products. For now the range begins with premium European manufactured wheel spacers.

European Manufacture

Literally putting our name on the line, we had to ensure we offer a premium product. Our Perfco Performance spacer kits are manufactured in Italy, machined from billet aluminium and feature a black anodised finish.

European manufacture not only helps us to ensure European quality, but it also allows better supplier communication and lead times on specialist orders, which in turn allows us to offer improved service to you.

Remus for Audi S3 8Y

Give your brand new Audi S3 8Y Remus treatment and choose from axle-back with 4 tailpipes left and right, Silenced GPF-back system with 4 tailpipes left and right and Racing unsilenced GPF-back system with 4 tailpipes left and right.

Both systems are available to order now with a range of tailpipe designs to tailor the exhaust to your personal taste and car style. The tailpipe options include 102mm polished slash cut (0046 70SGR), 102mm polished inwardly rolled (0046 70SR), 98mm Black chrome with carbon insert (0046 98CBR), 102mm Carbon fibre with titanium internals (0046 70CSR) and 98mm Street Race brushed chrome with carbon insert (0046 98CR).

During the extensive R&D process on the Audi S3 8Y Remus recorded a power increase of 14.3 HP and 21.6 Nm with the Remus Racing GPF-back system installed.

All of this also comes with a weight saving of 5,8 kg!

Contact us now with any questions or visit the Remus UK Website for more information.

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The Performance Company is now the official Null-bar importer and proud supplier to the UK trade. This enables us to expand our suspension offering with the addition of Bilstein Performance Air Ride, Bilstein UltraLOW coilovers, Gamechanger and more!

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Bilstein Performance Air Ride

With the Bilstein Performance Air Ride we offer a product of the highest quality. Based on individually adapted Bilstein dampers, an air suspension was developed for maximum driving pleasure. In combination with the air bellows from Universal-Air and Contitech, a balanced damper spring rate is guaranteed. The entire construction is designed for a long service life.

With the Bilstein Performance Air Ride, the focus is on the exclusive use of the best materials and workpieces.

  • Damper from Bilstein
  • Air bellows from Universal-Air and Contitech
  • All machined parts made of high quality aluminium and stainless steel

Bilstein technology partner

  • Over 60 years of experience in original equipment and more than 50 years of racing history make Bilstein products unique.
  • Numerous ‘Best Brand’ awards and successes in motorsport speak for themselves.
  • Every product is tested on the road for the ultimate Bilstein driving experience.
  • Depending on the vehicle, monotube or twin tube technology is used.

Bilstein UltraLOW

The UltraLOW | Bilstein inside coilover kit was developed for maximum lowering. By using the highest quality components and meticulously fine-tuning, a unique compromise between sporty driving behaviour and everyday comfort was achieved.

Innovation and high-tech in chassis technology – this is what Bilstein stands for with all the experience from over 60 years of serial replacement and 50 years in motorsport. The concentrated knowledge of the engineers flows into the first-class products.

  • 2-part spring system on the front and rear axles (depending on the vehicle). The two-part spring system with preload and main spring comes directly from racing and guarantees sufficient spring preload at all times for maximum driving safety.
  • Aluminium support bearings (depending on vehicle)
  • Uniball dome bearings are installed as standard in order to guarantee maximum driving precision and a long service life.
  • Adjustment range 60-140mm, depending on the vehicle and equipment
  • 100% made in Germany

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We also are able to supply the following brands alongside Null-bar. All are available to order now.

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With our Supra build almost at the bodyshop stage we are taking the time to think about what changes to make.

What would you like to see us do?

Should we bring back neons or nitrous?! Full colour change? More carbon fibre?

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New for 2021 we are proud to even further expand our range of air suspension with Prazis!

Prazis – the original concept derives from the German word meaning precise and accurate. Prazis believe all great products require precision, high quality materials, unique design and obsessive attention to detail. The dedicated specialist Prazis development team has more than a decade of experience in air suspension systems. Every kit follows their strict philosophy to ensure the perfect product every time along with complete customer satisfaction.


• Damping Adjustable – 32 level adjustable damping
• Monotube Damper – Providing increased stability and comfort
• Pillowball Upper Mount – Optional for certain models offering increased adjustment
• Adjustable Bottom Mounts – Threaded bottom mounts provide height adjustment
• Tailored Air Springs – Each air spring is designed for the individual application
• Custom Orders – Prazis can provide development for special applications

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