We have recently been made aware of some brand new and exciting developments due for release from P3 Gauges R&D.

The first release is for the latest BMW 3-Series and the G20/G21 range.

P3 Gauge for 3 Series G20 G21

P3 Gauges V3 Features

  • Plug and Play Install – plugs directly into your OBD2 port (want to keep your OBD2 port open? hard-wire harness kit also available)
  • OEM Integration – installs in your vent for a sleek install while retaining air flow
  • Versatility – read boost from multiple OEM sensors through OBD2 port or using optional P3 analoge boost sensor
  • Code Reading/Clearing – read and clear diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) on the fly

P3 Gauges V3 Readouts (all readouts can be individually configured to read in either Imperial or Metric units)

  • Boost (through OBD2 port using OEM sensors or with P3 analog boost sensor)
  • Coolant temperature
  • Air/Fuel ratio (can be read in AFR or Lambda)
  • Vehicle speed (can be calibrated in 1% increments from -9% to +20%)
  • Intake air temperature
  • Throttle angle
  • Ignition timing
  • Engine RPM
  • Exhaust gas temperature
  • Battery voltage
  • Programmable shift light
  • Analog input 1 (brown wire) can allow gauge to read any 0-5 volt linear output sensor
  • Analog input 2 (blue wire) can allow gauge to read any 0-5 volt linear output sensor
  • Acceleration timers (0-60mph/0-100mph/60-130mph)
  • Braking timers (60-0mph/100-0mph)

Optional Add-Ons

  • P3 analogue boost sensor– plugs directly into gauge harness, no wiring required
  • Boost tubing kit  – Approx. 5′ of 5/32″ O.D. flexible plastic boost tubing with vacuum “T” and 3 sections of 5/32″ I.D. vaccum hose. Includes 3 zip ties
  • P3 ESVA (Ethanol Sensor Voltage Adaptor) allows your gauge to read ethanol content and fuel temperature directly from the common Continental/GM flex fuel sensor. *Ethanol sensor NOT included
  • Trim Removal Kit – this tool kit will help you remove your vent and interior trim while minimizing the chance of scratching or damaging your trim
  • OBD2 Splitter – attach multiple devices to your OBD2 port. *some devices will not function while another device is attached to the OBD2 port

P3 Gauges have been busy behind the scenes creating an addition to the P3 Multi Gauge range.

We are please to announce there is now a Multi Gauge available for the Mazda MX5 ND / Fiat 124 Spider.

The Multi Gauge has been carefully designed to fit perfectly inside the OEM air vent. The Gauge displays a wide range of critical engine data taken directly from the OBD2 port.

All gauges feature a colour matched display to blend with the OEM interior and retain a functional air vent.




  • Plug and Play install – just plug into your OBD2 port and install into dash!
  • OBD2 Data for Coolant Temp,
  • Intake Air Temp
  • Exhaust Gas Temp
  • Throttle Plate
  • Vehicle Speed
  • RPM with Shift-light
  • Battery voltage
  • 0-60 timer
  • Peak Recall on all functions
  • Reads and clears OBD2 Codes
  • Boost and Vacuum from OBD2 port
  • Optional 80 PSI analog boost sensor
  • Optional Auto-Dim or Manual Dimmer
  • 2 x universal 0-5v linear analog inputs
  • Includes digital display, custom OBD2 wire harness and control box



Part number – UvP3MX5D

RRP – £320.83 +VAT


Fiat 124 Spider

Part number – UvP3FIAS

RRP – £320.83 +VAT