Audi S3 8Y Remus

Remus for Audi S3 8Y

Give your brand new Audi S3 8Y Remus treatment and choose from axle-back with 4 tailpipes left and right, Silenced GPF-back system with 4 tailpipes left and right and Racing unsilenced GPF-back system with 4 tailpipes left and right.

Both systems are available to order now with a range of tailpipe designs to tailor the exhaust to your personal taste and car style. The tailpipe options include 102mm polished slash cut (0046 70SGR), 102mm polished inwardly rolled (0046 70SR), 98mm Black chrome with carbon insert (0046 98CBR), 102mm Carbon fibre with titanium internals (0046 70CSR) and 98mm Street Race brushed chrome with carbon insert (0046 98CR).

During the extensive R&D process on the Audi S3 8Y Remus recorded a power increase of 14.3 HP and 21.6 Nm with the Remus Racing GPF-back system installed.

All of this also comes with a weight saving of 5,8 kg!

Contact us now with any questions or visit the Remus UK Website for more information.

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