We are now able to offer Leib GPF/OPF delete kits for a few select BMW models. We are primarily offering these alongside our Remus exhaust systems but we are able to supply them separately for those with alternative exhaust systems. The Leib delete kits are designed a simple plug-in unit and does not require any vehicle mapping. Plug & Play installation takes about 60 minutes without cutting or soldering.

We are please to announce the addition of the BMW X3 M and X3 M Competition to the Remus product catalogue.

These products range from axle-back systems to cat-back systems with a GPF replacement section.

During R&D Remus saw a power increase of 3.8HP and 6.3Nm (X3 M Competition).

As with most Remus systems there is a range of tailpipes to choose from to tailor the design of the exhaust to suit your own personal taste and vehicle style.

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