Introducing the Ultimate M2 by AC Schnitzer

Step into a new era of exhilarating performance with the BMW M2 by AC Schnitzer – an embodiment of precision engineering and cutting-edge design. AC Schnitzer, renowned for pushing the boundaries of BMW upgrades, once again raises the bar with the M2, delivering a vehicle that redefines the standards of lightness, sportiness, and dynamic driving.


The extraordinary driving experience with the M2 by AC Schnitzer will be due not least to the aerodynamic components, which demonstrably optimise the driving dynamics and which also set visual accents. The front splitter, which will increase downforce at the front axle by 60 kg (compared to the standard vehicle), will be usable with its optional black surface without further painting. The front view is complemented by the front side wings, also black, which will be used on the right and left front sides. The front of the M2 by AC Schnitzer is rounded off with winglets and front grilles for the front air intakes and a design sticker which once again clearly emphasises the contours of the bonnet.

The homogeneous transition from the front of the M2 to its rear is formed by side skirts, which can also be installed without further painting if you take the black version. The design package for both sides of the M2 sets the final accents on the body.

At the rear of the vehicle, the rear roof spoiler, which is already available and the two-piece rear spoiler ensure the aerodynamic balance of the M2. The carbon Racing rear wing, homologation of which is imminent and the aerodynamic properties of which have also already been tested, realises in conjunction with the AC Schnitzer front splitter achieves a plus in downforce of 55 kg on the rear axle. And even this can be increased: with the AC Schnitzer Gurney for the carbon Racing rear wing. The relatively inconspicuous trailing edge provides an additional 25 kg of downforce on the rear axle, so that the wing in conjunction with the Gurney generates a total of 80 kg more downforce on the rear axle and therefore significantly more stability.

The AC Schnitzer rear diffuser makes the rear view appear much more striking. In combination with the AC Schnitzer exhaust tailpipes, which are also further emphasised by the diffuser, the result is a look which will even bring a smile to everyone who drives behind.

Last but not least, an AC Schnitzer rear skirt protection foil is available which, although it has no aerodynamic properties, is a practical conversion for everyday use as it protects the loading edge of the boot against scratches and signs of wear.


As far as lightness is concerned, AC Schnitzer naturally has something to add: Lightweight Forged Wheels. Brand new and available are the AC4 Lightweight Forged Rims in Techgold or optionally in gloss black. These are available as a mixed combination up to a maximum size of 10J x 20″ at the front and 10J x 21″ at the rear. The rims are fitted with 285/30 R20 or 295/25 R21 tyres. An alternative with a 20″ wheel and tyre combination all round is also offered.

The AC4 Lightweight Forged Wheels are a masterpiece of engineering and stand out for their weight savings. Compared to conventional cast wheels, they can reduce weight by up to 25-35%. Thanks to the noticeable reduction in unsprung mass and gyroscopic forces, the AC4 Lightweight Forged Rims enable significantly increased driving dynamics. Both acceleration and deceleration are improved by the lower mass, resulting in impressive driving characteristics. Cornering handling is also optimised, allowing for more precise and agile driving.


There is only one area where Aachen “stacks up”: the suspension. No one has to wait any longer for the extraordinary driving experience with the AC Schnitzer RS coilover suspension. Thanks to the early test drives, the RS coilover suspension has already been finally tuned. It is infinitely height-adjustable, adjustable in rebound and compression damping and has a lowering range of 25 – 35 mm at the front and 20 – 30 mm at the rear.

The AC Schnitzer suspension spring set, which is also already available, and which realises a lowering of 20 – 25 mm at the front and 15 – 20 mm at the rear, also ensures excellent driving stability.


Stylish and functional continues with the interior design. “THE” control element, with which you have every driving situation firmly under control, is the AC Schnitzer sports steering wheel. The AC Schnitzer sports steering wheel is characterised by an elegant material mix of perforated black napa leather with black Alcantara which is joined together by a light grey stitching to form a single unit. With recessed grips on the right and left for the driver’s thumbs and the light grey motorsport indicator with AC Schnitzer logo for centre marking, orientation of the current steering wheel position is ensured.

The combination with the AC Schnitzer aluminium gearshift paddles, which are noticeably larger than their standard counterparts, is a further useful optimisation. Aluminium pedals and a foot rest, keyholder and the aluminium cover for the iDrive Controller are also available when it comes to adapting the interior of the vehicle to its performance and sporty elegance.


The BMW tuners from Aachen have also gone one better with the exhaust. An AC Schnitzer exhaust system including flap control with two “Carbon Sport” tailpipes each in right/left combination will provide a distinctive, sonorous sound. In contrast to the exhaust system, the purely optical solution with tailpipes in “Carbon Sport” is already available.


A performance upgrade for the engine, which in standard produces 338 kW/460 hp and 550 Nm, is currently still on the test bench. In keeping with the increased power, there will also be an engine optics that gives a hint of the increased performance as soon as the bonnet is opened.